30 December 2008

a taste...

Wood Grain
Fine Silver Pendant & Czech Crystals Over Gunmetal Chain

Fine Silver Pendant on Sterling Chain
Budding Twig
Fine Silver Pendant & Saltwater Cultured Pearl on Sterling Chain

in the beginning

When the proverbial "they" refer to the phrase in the beginning, they might refer to something of the past, describing what it was like at the start of it all. Well, I am in the beginning. Wading in the thick of it. Finally.

My name is Kensley Lauren Greuter and I am first and foremost a biologist, a lover of science and nature's wonder. There's also an artist inside that has been bottled and shelved my whole life, or, rather, for another life. I am surrounded by a family of artists, of painters and photographers, but have always gravitated towards Nature, her order and adventures. I let her paint for me. And was oblivious to my own unease.

Recently, I have started creating pieces of jewelry that represent a time in my life that is rich with natural beauty and adventure. A balance of sorts. And with this balance of art and nature I have found a certain peace. This is an introduction to my blog for Lauren Tree Jewelry...a little piece of nature, a little piece of myself. A tribute to my love of blooming laurel trees, morning hillsides, breathing forests, simple twigs, creekside grottos, turning leaves, and evening trills (among so many others). And of course, beautiful pieces of jewelry...