29 January 2009

gallery nod

I'm excited to say that the East End Gallery will now be carrying various pieces of Lauren Tree Jewelry! I've been working on some really fun pieces, mainly earrings, but I'm especially looking forward to finalizing some of my latest PMC pieces. I've had so many ideas lately and can hardly keep track! Thanks, again, to East End for starting Lauren Tree off right!

East End Gallery

1101 Navasota St. Austin, TX 78702 917.703.7352

18 January 2009

artist's getaway

My oldest and best friend, Beth, and I decided to take a trip to Santa Fe for some R&R and some artist inspiration for Lauren Tree. It was unbelievable! From the sincere people to the amazing art, Santa Fe was a complete artist's getaway, chile peppers and all...
Taking the time to relax at the world renowned Ten Thousand Waves made all the difference. I was at peace listening to the gurgling streams, meditating near the koi ponds, and enjoying a world-class massage. Beth got buffed from an amazing salt glow and we were both revitalized and renewed. My only regret is not taking advantage of their japanese-inspired bath houses, but we agreed a little skinny-dipping with random old ladies would negate any good vibes we had received, so c'est la vie.
We say no to nude.

We checked out the famous Shed and had an extremely hot, but good lunch! Well, not really good, just hot! Heed our advice: just stick to the cheese enchiladas everywhere in New Mexico. You can't go wrong and you won't end up with a burned hole in your stomach like we did from the pork simmered in Hell! Needless to say, after we downed a few margaritas to cool our insides the remaining food experiences were amazing! We ♥ food and spirits!

We also toured the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum and ate at the O'Keeffe Cafe (I recommend). This was my second time to visit the museum and it was just as profoundly beautiful as my first live experience with her work. I will always have a soft spot for Ms. O'Keeffe--she made such an impact on the art community with her bold interpretations of complex flora and her other vivid analyses of nature, forcing people to see the intense beauty that nature usually holds secret. Very inspiring.

But the highlight of the trip was randomly stopping in Heidi Loewen's studio for a porcelain pottery lesson! Heidi taught Giada De Laurentiis while she featured the town of Santa Fe in one of her shows. I've dabbled in sculptural ceramics, but never had the courage to take on the wheel. But we both made several large bowls--it was so much fun! We even caught a glimpse of Heidi at work after the lesson, using her own hand-smoked techniques to create one-of-a-kind vessels. And I can't wait to update you with our finished products! Stay tuned...

Good times were had in Santa Fe. And I thank my oldest friend, my other half, my ShiBe, for this histerical trip, no matter how crazy!

♥, LaKe

01 January 2009

fine in 2009

2009 is finally here! We've just finished our New Year's Day pancakes and I'm lounging with my sweet hubby, Ryan, and my 3 fat cats, Maxwell, Lexi, and Noah (a.k.a. the "fatties") after a wonderful and LOW-KEY new year's eve party hosted by Lisa and Craig Crawford. Thanks, guys!

Ryan and Kensley

Maxwell, Lexi, & Noah

The Austin Tribe, NYE 2008

Life is good. This is the first time in 8 years that we haven't thrown a NYE party and I have to say it's surprisingly fabulous! Nothing to clean up, no tired bodies on the hardwood floor, no insane Champagne hangovers. Don't get me wrong--I love throwing parties and we throw the kind of bashes that last until 4am and only because I have to kick everyone out! But I've been a bit overwhelmed with Christmas this year and, frankly, with Lauren Tree. I know I'm still new at this and it will take a while to get a groove down, but juggling an intense job in consulting and making jewelry has been so much more than I ever thought it would be!

That's why I'm looking forward to 2009 and all it's amazing possibilities! I'll be getting two websites up and running soon for Lauren Tree: http://www.laurentreejewelry.com/ and an Etsy website. And I think Lauren Tree will really start coming together. I've got so many ideas for some amazing pieces. I can't wait! It's just a matter of finding the time to do it.

My friends and family are healthy and beautiful. Two of my friends had unbelievable babies in 2008 and I've got two more friends about to pop! Our 70 year old house is holding up. Our fatties are, well, happily plump! Ryan and I have solid jobs in this economic crisis. I am truly blessed. And I look forward to the trials and laughter that are to come this year.

Happy. New. Year.

Ryan and Kensley, Cape Cod, October 2008