25 February 2009

february gallery event

The East End Gallery will be hosting an art exhibit event on Saturday, February 28th from 5-10pm, featuring the artwork of local Austin artists Kerry Awn and Cindy Raschke (a.k.a. Crash) with free knock-out punch and munchies! I will be attending the event not only to meet some amazing local artists, but also to answer any questions people may have about my pieces currently being displayed at East End. And I'm very much looking forward to it as this will be my first event as a true artist.
Kerry Awn
East End Gallery, 1101 Navasota St, Austin, TX 78702, 512.479.0100
UPDATE on 18 March 2009
My friend just forwarded me some pix of the gallery event so I thought I'd provide an update to this entry. We had a lovely night. A group of us went to the Blue Dahlia Bistro next door and then stopped in to see the beautiful art on display at the gallery! Some display pix of the Lauren Tree's fine silver pieces...

A final treat...here's Ryan with our friend's baby, Carmen, at dinner. Cuties!

24 February 2009

loving the logo

I finally narrowed down a logo that I really love! After months of piddling around with photos and design ideas, I ran into an old coworker, Mindy Bonine, at a recent function. We talked and turns out she's a computer guru and has agreed to design and manage my website (coming soon!). All I can say is what a relief, since I had no idea how to design a website, nor knew how to license it, etc...

Apparently, the first stage of website design is finding a logo you love and everything else (web design, business cards, Etsy heading, etc.) falls into place after that. Here it is, mind you this is a rough mock up of the real design and some of the placement/ fonts may change, but you get the idea.

I never thought I'd go with warm colors. I've always been a cool, blues/greens/grays girl (as evidenced by this blog design), but the colors in this logo are bold and cheerful yet still maintain that raw ecological quality, just like I want Lauren Tree to be. Thanks, Mindy, for all your hard work! I can't wait to see how the website turns out!

19 February 2009

pmc lesson

I finally had a chance to set up a proper workshop in our studio this past weekend. I can't tell you how good it feels to get organized and be productive. I did, however, accidentally lacerate my leg while cutting the plastic drawer organizers with an exacto-knife. But five stitches and two glasses of wine later, I was back in business. If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a complete klutz and I'm worried that this business will be a bit detrimental to my health. I've already received a 3rd degree burn and now a laceration for Lauren Tree and I'm hesitant to say, "what else?"
Anyway, I thought I'd highlight some of the processes of precious metal clay (PMC), the medium I use for my jewelry. I find it absolutely fascinating--fine (99.9% pure) silver particles held together by an organic, clay binder and when fired, the binder burns off leaving only the fused fine silver. Brilliant! It's moldable just like ceramic clay, one of the only art forms I've ever really been passionate about. This is what some of my recent pieces looked like after I dried them, but before firing. They've taken on a chalky texture that's easy to etch and sand.

After firing, an intense polishing session begins. Here, I've finished polishing and am combining the fine silver pieces with sterling findings and chain to finish out the product.

Here are some of my recently finished products. I'm really into big, flat rings or what I call "sushi plate rings." I'm also in love with bare tree limbs and twigs. I think there's something so unique about that look, like you're seeing the inner soul of a tree, the bare bones so to speak. Raw and naked, it's truly beautiful.

You can find these pieces and others at the East End Gallery, 1101 Navasota St, Austin, TX 78702, 512.479.0100. I'm still working on the website, though I finally have a logo I like! Baby steps, right?