24 April 2009

spring's definitely here

So I've been laying low these past few weeks on the blogging, trying to finish my silver pieces before I write again, to make this grand finale with beautiful photos and descriptions. But that's not life. Life is working 60 hour work weeks, surveying till the wee hours of the morning, and balancing marriage, family, and friends while still trying to find the time to work on jewelry. Spring is our peak survey season at work and every year around this time I survey for several endangered species, my favorite of which is the Houston toad, the species I did my Master's thesis on and whose survival may be severely threatened if another drought hits central Texas. I haven't been able to hear Houston toads much this season and it saddens me to no end that their future is so uncertain. What a cutie...
Although I've never been a bird person, another favorite endangered species of mine is the golden-cheeked warbler, a beautiful neotropical songbird that sounds like it's singing La Cucaracha! Always a fiesta in the woods!
Surveying toads till midnight and birds at dawn has left me exhausted, but I love it and wouldn't change it for the world. I've just never had the task of making jewelery during this time, so I've honestly been a bit sluggish in this last batch's finale. Plus, I'm starting over from scratch with a new logo and web design. Yes, I'm back to square one, but I believe in my heart that getting it right early on will only save me time and money down the road. As for the jewelry, all the pieces are out of the kiln and polished, and I'm now working on the construction. I can't wait to get these done! Hopefully, by this weekend!
At least I'm having a little fun in the meantime. Here's Ry and I at a friend's wedding, Easter weekend 2009 and a shot of my childhood friends at a reunion that took 7 years in the making!

06 April 2009

off to the kiln

I finally finished carving my latest batch of fine silver jewelry: 4 rings, 7 pendants, and 12 sets of earrings. This took much longer than anticipated, mainly due to the extensive hand polishing. I will definitely be purchasing a Dremel in the near future to speed up the polishing process. But until then, my hands will be thoroughly in shape! Now the pieces are off to the kiln to be fired! I can't wait to see how they turned out. Stay tuned!