25 October 2009

falling for fall

Just a few moments of fall pleasure in the woodlands of east Texas. I'm normally obsessed with the amber and scarlet hues of fall, but I'll take what I can get in this lovely butter glow I found during this week's field work...

20 October 2009

lost in maples

I've been waiting and waiting for central Texas to succumb to fall, to those cool nights in the 40's that trigger the inevitable preparation for a long winter. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year and even in Texas one can find a hint of New England color. If you know where to look, you can see trees ablaze with vivid amber, scarlet, saffron, and emerald speckling the landscape.
So I keep waiting for that perfect weekend to go hiking in one of my favorite parks in the hill country, Lost Maples State Natural Area, a remnant from the Ice Age that supports relict bigtooth maple trees. These beauties are GORGEOUS in the fall and could give New England a run for its money! Here are some past pictures from TPWD's website and Laurence Parent.

When I found out that Lost Maples started to see leaves turning 6 weeks earlier than usual this year due to the summer's severe drought, my heart guiltily started beating faster. Early fall foliage? At least something aesthetically pleasing would emerge from a season of debilitating stress! But to my chagrin, because of the recent (and much needed) heavy rains most of the trees are continuing to hold onto their leaves...for now. Which, I keep telling myself, is good. We need the rain. Yup, yay rain. So until the weather cools, I guess I'll keep waiting to be lost in those firey maples.

19 October 2009


Here are some of the latest pieces from Lauren Tree Jewelry! I will be posting these and others on Etsy soon. Enjoy!





Morning Dew


Wood Grain

Flower Bud



Budding Twig


18 October 2009

fall flowers

Around this time of year I usually endure a fretful pruning of the barely surviving plants and mostly dead flowers in my flower beds. This year's record rainfall in October gave us a sweet reprise from the inevitable fall browning of the plants. I wish I could have taken photos two weeks ago, but I just fixed my camera so bare with me! I worked like a slave to keep this bed alive all summer with no love in return til now...

Some other beauties...

And the piece de resistance, my double-blooming hibiscus with a double bloom! Four times the lovely!!!