25 August 2010

farmhouse chic

I finally decided to decorate my kitchen after 3 years of staring at blank windows. My kitchen was remodeled with a French Country concept in mind before we bought the house, so expanding on that idea was not only easy, but exactly my style...Farmhouse Chic. I don't know if that's phrase designers use or not, but it's essentially a fabulous mix of old and new. Old World botanical prints and glamorous chandeliers. Rustic antiques and stainless steel. Toile and tailored stripes. Dried wheat and mirrors. Here's a nice representation of what I call Farmhouse Chic...

These last few are straight up French Country/Farmhouse, but they could easily work in a few modern pieces and be absolutely fabulous! Sigh...

So with the help of my fabulous interior decorator, Lindsey Naslenas, we will be transforming the kitchen this week. Stay tuned!

19 August 2010

used car dreams

I bought a new car! Well, it's actually not new and not really a car...so I bought an old SUV! A 1997 4Runner to be exact. Sounds weird, but if I was going to purchase a used vehicle it might as well be something that I've always wanted. I remember back in high school there was this boy who had just gotten a 4Runner for his 17th birthday. I had such a crush on him. Well, to be honest, I really had a HUGE crush on his car! So when the time came for us to purchase another vehicle I decided that my used car dreams needed to be realized. Don't get me wrong. If I had the choice of a new car it would not be a 4Runner. No where close. But for what it is, 1997-Kensley is high-fiving 2010-Kensley...
Mine's black

And by the way, I know old SUVs are not fuel efficient. But it is recycled. ;D