08 September 2010

family reunion

This last weekend Ryan and I went home to San Antonio to celebrate my father's 60th birthday. It was my brother's first time home since Christmas and so it was a joyous occasion all around! We did nothing but hang out, laugh, dance, and eat...

Ryan & I

Kale & Oma

Sally & Ken
I did, however, convince the fam to go to the zoo on Sunday afternoon under the guise that it was a family reunion! Grin. I used to work at the San Antonio Zoo and have wanted to see all their improvements since I was last there in 1998. The exhibits were impressive, but I have to admit I did not feel the same as I did over a decade ago. I received a new camera for my birthday in May and in photographing the animals I noted a hint of sadness. Call it anthropomorphic projection. Call it a decent zoom lens. Call it whatever you want. All I know is that even though these guys have more room now, it's still not the uninhibited wild...

Look how sad this guy is! I think it hit me to the core, even with the lighthearted familial references. Anyway, Happy 60th, Dad! It's a zoo out there!


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  2. looks like u had fun :D