15 March 2012

Marais USA Espadrilles

I am so excited that Marais USA finally came out with their new spring line! I happened to discover them when it was too late to buy their incredible low-heeled, vibrant espadrilles last year. Of course, being too tall for your average 3-4" wedge at work, I was drooling over these adorable 1 inchers! And yes, I know I can wear heels even though I'm 6'1", but being 6'5" at work and staring down at your 5'5" client is not the right kind of intimidating, you know? So naturally, I try to find super cute sandals and flats.

I think it was destiny that I missed the boat last year because their 2012 line has even better, softer colors that are right on trend with this spring's pastels and neutrals. The choices are: Blush (above), Rust (below), Denim, and Jet (at bottom).

Named after the Parisian District La Marais, I am also obsessed with this French-inspired company's MO: simple, affordable, and attractive. I can't wait to get my hands on (and feet in) these little grey espadrillettes! FYI, they have a limited supply so these cuties will go fast. Check them out here!